• icomputer (Industrial intelligent computer)

  • Automation丨MetaFacture

  • I/O

  • Motion Control

  • 3C Electronics

  • Semiconductor

  • Laser

  • Watch assembly equipment

  • Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) assembly line

  • Wet wafer cleaning equipment

  • The Solder Paste Printer

  • Laser Label Master

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  • Technical Capability

    Our R&D technology originates from the Institute of Computing Technology and our core technologies have obtained multiple national invention patents and utility model patents.

  • Team Strength

    Our founding team consists of core experts from the Institute of Computing Technology, each with nearly 20 years of experience in industrial intelligent computing. We possess significant technical advantages in areas such as PC control, dual-domain operating system development, automation control, and industrial software algorithms.

  • Financial Support

    Supported by more than 10 investment institutions as well as the endorsement of two Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians from the Institute of Computing Technology.

  • Wide Application

    Our "PLC+iComputer+Motion Controller+Edge Server" integrated solution provides efficient, stable, and reliable industrial automation and intelligent solutions for various industrial scenarios. It has been successfully applied in advanced manufacturing, new energy, process industries, and other fields.

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